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Total construction solutions for a changing architectural landscape.

Our Services

Pre-Award Services

Our team is experienced in competitive tenders and pre-contract service agreements (PCSA’s). We provide advice on buildability, sequencing, construction risks or technical advice on acoustics and thermal performance and even 3D modeling to help rationalize the design and materials.

Project Award

After a project is awarded, key design details for the façade, roof or special project are considered and submissions and material specifications are progressed to the approval stage by the CRAFT project teams. All logistics details and methodology for packing, unloading and installation are agreed with the client in advance.

Design & Engineering

We have our own team of in-house designers and engineers equipped to take on all design development including all 3D design, structural, thermal, acoustic engineering calculations and all system and workshop drawings. Key design details are considered and government submissions and material specifications are progressed through to the approval stage.

3D Capability

There is a team capable to manage BIM processes and the company has also procured a “Leica” Laser Scanner. This scanner is used to give a full 3D scan of the entire interfacing surface, allowing the data to be brought into CAD for checking of tolerances at interfaces. This machine is also delivered to site to check existing steelwork or concrete and used to check new steelwork as it is being installed. 3D modelling is also used for showing sequencing of works and coordination works with other contractors.

Project Management

Project managers at CRAFT know safety is the first priority. They follow the entire project process closely adhering to CRAFT project management guidelines and ensure project objectives are met and programs are on schedule and of high quality. The team ensures effective communications between client requirements, the design and engineering teams and the factories and suppliers. They attend the coordination and design meetings, monitor fabrication, safety and site progress, and provide feedback, programmes, progress reports and other project monitoring documents among many other tasks to make sure each project is on track.


The procurement team is involved in projects from the tender stage and is constantly vetting CRAFT’s library of preferred suppliers. A full-time procurement specialist on the team to handles issues of specification, quality and compliance. Another specialist is on hand to deal with all inquiries and development of unique LED lighting solutions. Regarding our product line-up, we offer a comprehensive range of finishes and materials such as coated glass, ceramic, terracotta & stone panels, aluminum, stainless steel metal sheets, free-form metal, vitreous enamel panels, tensile fabric, and photovoltaic systems. In steel & glass façades, all structural glass and point-fixed systems are engineered and produced in-house.

Mock-Ups & Testing

Once materials and design are finalized, visual mock-up units can be constructed for aesthetic and architectural review including viewing of any LED lighting features. Further testing of façade and roofing prototypes or performance mockups and production samples can also be carried out to specification standards such as AAMA, ASTM, BS or CWCT. The test centers can perform static air and water infiltration testing, wind resistance and impact tests, dynamic tests, building movement simulation tests, thermal cycling sequences and even acoustic testing.

Fabrication & Assembly

We have 1 Curtain Wall factory located in:

Dongguan, China - 2 standard curtain wall lines and 1 specials line, 2 CNC Machines, 12 Presswork Machines

The overall curtain wall fabrication has a capacity of 10,000 square metres per month.

Our Dongguan factory also has a profile Bending Machine which is the only 3D Bending Machine built for architectural use. The machine can create U-bends, spirals, reducing spirals, ellipse, s-bends and others out of steel and aluminium profiles. It has 70 tons of bending force.





Packaging and packing plans are carefully planned between the project and fabrication teams to ensure minimizing risks of damage during transport and to help expedite unpacking and installation once goods are onsite. Transportation of fabricated materials and panels from our factories to the jobsite is by truck or sea-container. All logistics details and methodology for packing, unloading and installation are agreed with the client in advance.


In most markets CRAFT directly manage and supervise all installation processes. Depending on project location and type, the installation team is comprised of the 150 directly employed CRAFT skilled installers, or with experienced local subcontract installation teams, or with a combination of the two. All site setup, method statements and risk assessments are developed between our install specialists and the local project management teams.


The safety of our team is a top priority to us. In roofing, our Unitised Roofing System drastically reduces the number of workers that need to be at roof-level. On a typical roof we need just 6-8 workers at roof level (compared with up to 60 using traditional methods). This reduces the number of unskilled workers that need to be exposed to the dangers associated with working at height. In addition, our roofing system uses just one working face which has a safety-line and, if required, an extended safety platform, thus providing our workers with an extremely safe working environment.

Global Reach,
Local Focus

CRAFT employs a number of designers, engineers and project management operatives across Asia and Australia. In Hong Kong, CRAFT directly employs its labor and as part of the CRAFT Group, we have access to in-house fabricating facilities in Malaysia and partner facilities in China.

CRAFT’s headquarters are strategically based in Hong Kong, given its proximity to world renowned developers and architects and right next door to the world’s factory of China.

We are able to serve the Asian region and beyond.

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Our Partners

Providing good fellowship and charitable assistance to those in need in the construction industry.

A supplier of aluminium and metal structures for complex architectural projects, infrastructure projects and art sculptures.

A leading Asian-Pacific provider of windows & doors systems for building elevations and enclosures.